I am writing this letter in response to the amazing job and professionalism of House R Us team. Allow me to begin by stating the struggles that my wife and I had in acquiring someone to install our wall panels. We fell in love with a unique 3-Dimensional design wall panel that was made out of what home contractors and handymen alike would consider to be “weird” materials. Time and time again we would have potential installers come in; only to tell us that they had never worked with this material before and they were not comfortable doing the installation. Months passed, when finally House R Us team came to our door, and while he claimed to have never worked with the material as well, he displayed tons of confidence that he could get the job done and on top of that offered numerous creative ideas that we had not considered.

They were honest and committed worker, who never took shortcuts while doing our job. He was always on time and extended his scheduled obligation to the job just because he wanted to ensure quality above all else. He got the job done and by far exceeded our expectations. House R Us has all the characteristics you would expect from a hired handyperson- character, experience, and above all genuine professionalism.