Made To Work In Your Bathroom

House R Us is one of the famous Remodeling in California; we proudly specialize in interior and bathroom remodeling. Our design team uses the latest virtual remodeling technology when undertaking your project. This process allows you to fully visualize your new bath space through the perspective of drawings and color renderings, saving you countless hours during the selection and home remodeling process. This process offers a virtually unlimited product selection, creating a one-stop shop for countertops, sinks, flooring, fixtures, lighting and cabinetry.

California Leading Experts In Bathroom Remodeling

Many homeowners consider a “Do it yourself” bathroom remodel to save on costs. If you are thinking about taking on your remodeling project yourself, you may want to stop and ask yourself the following:
Are you familiar with your local building codes and permit requirements?
Do you know the proper steps for completing the project? Did you draft a plan?
Is it safe for you to do this project? For example, are you familiar with the electrical wiring of the home?
Have you obtained the installation instructions from the manufacturer when installing a certain product?
What is your remodeling skill level? Is it comparable to that needed to complete the project?

Our primary concern is your family’s safety. Our staff of trained experts is highly qualified to complete every step of your bathroom remodel. If you answered yes to all of these questions, you might be capable of handling a project alone. However, be honest with yourself when evaluating whether you have the skill set and experience to complete a project.

Visualize Your Perfect Bathroom Remodel

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