Your House Called, It Wants A New Driveway

When you select House R us Pavers to install a paver driveway at your home you can rest assured that you are dealing directly with an expert installer. We do not use subcontractors, and our skilled craftsman is the best in the industry. We own all our own trucks, excavation equipment and see to it our installers have the finest tools available to them which results in the finest installation.

Durability – Pavers are rated to be four times stronger than a typical concrete slab, we offer warranty on the installation and most manufactures back up their paving stone products with a lifetime guarantee against breaking and cracking. Driveway paving stones are extraordinarily durable. They can easily handle the weight of your cars, trucks, RV’s and more without becoming damaged.

Aesthetics – Driveway pavers come in a wide range of colors, finishes, shapes, and sizes. Beautiful laying patterns can be achieved by creatively using pavers of different shapes, colors and sizes. House R us has been in business for over many years, locally owned and operated and has excellent online reviews servicing.

It's Not Your Tires, It's The Paver

New pavers installation in California is an excellent choice for sprucing up your outdoor space and for providing contrast between your lawn and landscaping features. Brick and stone pavers provide added texture and depth and a subtle pop of color around your yard, as well as safe walkways over grass and around flowerbeds and shrubs.

Today’s patio and walkway pavers are more colorful than ever before, available in rich red tones, sleek and modern gray shades, and everything in between. Large pavers provide a stately elegance while smaller pavers add visual interest and depth.

To find out how a paver installation in CA might be just what your property needs for added style and function, call the experts at House R Us! Our brick and stone paver experts can show you all the latest styles of patio and walkway pavers, in designs you’ll love and prices you can afford.