Solar Energy: Because The Best Things In Life End Up Being Free.

We have helped thousands of House and companies to install solar panels on their homes and businesses. We are passionate about providing the best solar solutions for every customer and believe that solar energy has a bright future in California. Locally owned and operated we have extensive experience permitting, installing and monitoring solar systems throughout the state, whether you are building a new home or putting solar on an existing house come see why we are considered the best solar company in California.

Solar Saves You Money: Going solar gives homeowners long term protection from rising utility rates. Our 0%-down payment options allow homeowners to lock in fixed monthly cost that will never increase. Our residential solar panels come with warranties to ensure a worry free return on money that would have otherwise been given to the utility company.

Cost of Solar: Every home has unique electricity needs. Costs will vary depending on multiple factors. Zero upfront cost options are available to qualified customers. Turn your power bill into an investment. Start with a no-obligation consultation today!

Today’s Resource For A Brighter Tomorrow

Tens of thousands of Peoples are now making their own clean solar energy. Are you?

People are going solar because solar panel installation is an easy way to re-allocate the money you spend on electricity and instead spend it on asserting your energy independence and helping to save the planet. Plus, it will save you money now and well into the future.

But to make it worthwhile the company you choose to do your panel installation matters. That’s because it’s not just a complex construction process that must be attended to, but it is also a long term project that calls for a company you can trust now and far into the future. House R Us is eager to do your solar panel installation.

While there are many options and many choices you will need to make during the buying process, any system is apt to have four key components you need to consider:

Solar Electric Panels

Solar saves you money, it pays for itself, and you’ll be confident your system has been installed by the highest rated installer in the region. As you consider who will do your installation we will outline multiple systems and financing options that best meet your particular needs. More importantly, we will answer all your questions along the way. You deserve the best service available.

Solar Storage

Battery storage systems for solar are finally available and affordable. Rather than send your excess solar electricity to the grid, capture it and use each evening. Plus, solar storage also opens the opportunity to have a ready power backup system for your home when the grid goes down. Batteries offer backup power that is re-charged from the sun and eliminates costly fossil fuels and typical generator maintenance. Batteries can be installed when your system is new or as an add-on later on. Again, we’ll explain all your options.

Solar Monitoring

As your home becomes more and more dependent on electricity and you generate your own power from the solar panel installation on your roof (or in your yard) a monitoring system is an excellent option to keep tabs on where your electricity is coming from and how it is being used. After all, it’s great to create clean solar power but it’s even better to learn how not to use it at all.

Solar Services

Last, even if we didn’t install your solar system, we service solar panel installations throughout our service area. Yes, solar is extremely reliable, but the occasional squirrel attack or system glitch can mean a service call is necessary. Why pick a company that isn’t focused on being here for you over the long haul?