Approximately 2 weeks ago I called House R Us team to do some repair work to our home damaged in a rain storm we first spoke with Ms. Jaicy. She was very professional, courteous, and helpful subsequently leading us to hire. This demonstrates the importance and vital role your office personnel play for they are the first to interact with potential customers. Afterward, Ms. Jaicy had Mr. Bart call to set up an appointment to assemble a shed that was destroyed as well as measure for the vinyl siding that was also damaged.

On Thursday, July 18, 2013 Mr. Bart came to assemble our shed. He, too, was professional, courteous, and FUN! In addition, he was very meticulous. Someone we have a high respect for, for he was NOT going to assemble our shed until the foundation was level and solid. He assembled it like he was doing it for his own home.

As a result of both Ms. Jaicy’s and Mr. Bart professionalism the $200 shed assembly job will now be followed up with a $1,500 vinyl siding installation job. This is what occurs when good people like Ms. Jaicy and Mr. Bart are representing House R Us.